Marketing Is Like Sex. Everybody Thinks They’re Good at It

Marketing Is Like Sex. Everybody Thinks They’re Good at It

When marketing is done really well, it can be so transformative that it can forever alter the fortunes of the companies that have the cojones to grab onto a great idea and run with it.

Then why is there so much bad marketing? Probably because while many of us can recognize what great marketing looks like when we see it, very few of us have the power to will it into existence.

The fact is, there are no rules in marketing, yet we break them at our peril. Oh sure, we understand the fundamentals. After all, whole curricula are devoted to the subject at universities. There are lots of guidelines, opinions, numerous experts and hundreds of books and blogs devoted to the topic. Yet there is still no universally reliable formula for capturing that magic spark that ignites passion for a brand.

And this little booklet you are about to download will not even try to provide one.

For the same reason that not every film becomes a blockbuster, not every book becomes a best-seller and not every song is a hit single, the process of marketing is really more or less one of trial and error…learning what doesn’t work.

With that in mind, here are a few “Marketingisms” we have adopted during our first nearly four decades in business. You may have heard some of these tenets before. But sometimes just one BGO (Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious) can provide a useful guidepost on the road to creating better marketing.

You can download Marketingisms here. From time to time, we will add or amend these Marketingisms. So please feel free to check back with us to download the latest version.

John Rose

Creative director, author and Rose founder, John Rose writes about creativity, marketing, business, food, vodka and whatever else pops into his head. He wears many hats.