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We create consumer brand recognition for outstanding BBC Studios programming and promote content licensing via proactive media relations, press tours and joint initiatives with major Russian streaming services.

The result is consistent, high-profile coverage of Dr. Who, Top Gear and other premium entertainment in general, business, lifestyle and trade media.


To increase the reputation of Free Fire and build loyalty among mobile gamers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, we developed an ongoing program with top lifestyle and gaming influencers, special projects with national media and a partnership with StreamFest, a major streaming event in Russia.

During the first six months, the marketing activity resulted in a reach of over 50 million.


We steward the luxury watch brand, Girard-Perregaux, to maintain its allure and exclusive pedigree among highly selective Russian consumers in an extremely competitive marketplace.

The result has been an annual increases in publicity and PR value, particularly in notoriously discriminating and faddish lifestyle media, as well as consistent client recognition in its GP BEST Review​.


Brand Campaign

To overcome the challenge that consumers are familiar with the Filippo Berio packaging but have low recognition of the brand name, we brought together key influencers and consumers to lip sync our lyrics to Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville”.

The two-month integrated campaign resulted in a reach of 10.5 million in social media and a marked increase in brand name recognition.


The Cofix Taste Test

Our live taste tests in the streets of St. Petersburg pitting fixed price coffee chain Cofix against its entrenched competitors delivered a winning message.

We raised curiosity about Cofix and the brand media visibility during its launch in St.Petersburg through significant media coverage.


For Panerai, a unique but unknown in highly competitive Russian market, we developed equally unique marketing projects to raise the brand recognition including VIP events with SMOKE magazine for true aficionados of authentic luxury, annual Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge events, Moscow boutiques opening events, PR activity around Moscow Special Watch Edition launch and many more.

PR efforts has been delivering more than 250 publicity items each year in top national lifestyle and watch media.


Live Pages

Rose conceived and created Live Pages, a mobile app that brings classic Russian literature to life with interactive content about characters and historical settings.

Live Pages became the highest ranked mobile app in Russia and resulted in more than 350 publications, radio and TV appearances​.


To promote high quality and safe GSK products (Engerix B, Havrix, Coldrex, Panadol, Solpadeine), we filmed several television commercials, engaged high authority KOLs, partnered with Russian medical professionals and pharmacists and staged numerous large and small scale events.

In addition to consistent annual growth in publicity, our campaigns and programs were awarded by GSK as the best in the EMEA region.


Rose Russia and Rose Cuba collaborated with the Cuban government to create MagiCuba, the first international festival of magic in Havana — with five days of city-wide theater, nightclub, circus and street performances, featuring the world’s greatest magicians.

Made the tourist season 2018 bright and full of unforgettable impressions for over 25,000 people around Havana.

MagiCuba entertained more than 50,000 Cubans, international tourists and magic enthusiasts from around the world who attended live performances, and millions more on Cuban television and via a documentary.


Lexus Music Experience

We turned the Lexus Music Experience, an exclusive concert series featuring Grammy Award Winner Thundercat, Deep Fried Friends, SBPCH and Mujuice, into compelling content and a 24/7 music stream to Lexus dealerships throughout Russia.

The three-month program accumulated over 37 publicity items in top lifestyle and music media and a reach of over 2.5 million in social media.


We developed 3600 marketing initiatives to enhance Starbucks brand recognition as a leading coffee retailer in Russia via rich storytelling, media relations, partnership programs, experiential marketing, store openings and charity.

This resulted in substantial publicity growth and much increased presence in lifestyle and online entertainment media – with over 450 publicity items, including TV and radio, during the first 12 months.


Lexus Design Award

The Lexus Design Award, held in collaboration with the British Higher School of Art and Design and featuring a jury of top Russian architects and designers, became the centerpiece of an extensive CSR initiative. 

The program accumulated 58 publicity items with a reach of over 1.2 million in media and social media during a 5-month period.


FIFA World Cup

What are the best cheese snacks to choose while watching the FIFA World Cup?

Our FIFA-themed Mifroma cheese master classes for bloggers and influencers elevated the brand among sports enthusiasts.


Olympics Sponsorships

Rose managed communications for Samsung during five Olympic Games, including the Olympic Torch Relay with Russian celebrities such as Vladimir Tolstoy, Alexander Popov and Irina Rodnina.

Samsung’s association with the Olympic Games was an important turning point that helped to transform the company from a mass market Korean  electronics business into a powerhouse global premium brand.


We managed all the promotional activities, partnership programs, loyalty programs and POS for Shell petrol stations in Russia.  

Our highly engaging loyalty programs and promotions helped.

Shell to steadily grow its brand recognition as leading gas stations and convenience stores.


Our launch of the legendary Shake Shack marked the arrival of gourmet fast food to Russia and was supported by integrated marketing activity that included Guerilla tactics that ensured a long line of consumers despite a bitter cold Russian winter.

Shake Shack instantly become a favorite Moscow eatery and received impressive publicity coverage in general, business, lifestyle media and city guides.


Coca-Cola & Fanta

We were Coca-Cola’s first agency in Russia and inadvertently sparked what became the famous cola war with Pepsi through an aggressive branding and advertising program that included Russia’s first radio, outdoor posters and trolley ads.

We helped dethrone PepsiCo (which had a nearly two-decade head start) and establish Coco-Cola brands as the category leader.


We found a way to make automobile tires sexy through storytelling and high profile media projects and events.

We helped establish the reputation of Vredestein as the maker of “designer tires”.


Most Beautiful Legs in Russia

No doubt the highlight of a comprehensive marketing program for DuPont brands was our national campaign for Lycra (used in women’s stockings) which featured a national contest to find The Most Beautiful Legs in Russia as determined by a jury of fashion and media celebrities.

During this three-month program, we accumulated over 300 publicity items in national and regional media with over 150 media attending the Moscow Grand Finale event.


Rose provides PR and tradeshow support to Irdeto to create recognition among their clients who need confidence in protection of their platforms and applications.

Our long-term cooperation has resulted in higher publicity and much improved recognition of the brand.


Yasnaya Polyana Award

In 2003, Rose created the Yasnaya Polyana (Leo Tolstoy) Award for literature together with Samsung and the Tolstoy Family.

We grew Yasnaya Polyana into the most prestigious and famous literary awards in Russia​ and drove average annual publicity growth of 40%.